Friday, February 25, 2011

a masterpiece fit for a princess

The Cutest Desk in the world!

Yes, my amazing husband built that.  

Isn't it darling?!!!
He put a lot of love and detail into it.

But kept it simple at the same time.

Bayli is super stoked about her new addition.  
Not only does it give her the opportunity to create with very little interruption, 
it makes a great base for a castle.

Friday, February 18, 2011

bird bling

My little birds are complete!
Bayli received her darling, super girly, blinged out hat from Grandma.
Grandma went all out with this one.  She purchased the biggest dazzler buttons that she could find.
I must say it is oh so cute, and oh so Bayli!

 These two cuties were super stoked to take their hats for a flight.

 I just love them, and their cute hats!

 Especially this little ones super cheese faces.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

droolicious=lily and a side of butter

I have mentioned before that I love decorating baby nurseries.  We started to prep Bayli's room to welcome Lily.  We are hoping that they won't have to share for too long.  Bayli is very eager to have a room in the basement.
The change has to be done with the deepest consideration for Bayli.  She loves her room.  She loves purple, pink, and butterflies.

When we finally purchased droolicious (Lizzie, by Cottontale Designs),  I was all the more eager to change the room from a cute butterfly room to a bright dazzler.
I was even more pleasantly surprised by the cute bedding than I thought that I would be.  It has homespun styling that gives it the appearance of a well-worn favorite.  Not to mention that the packaging tags had super cute messages on them.
delights my days
colors my world
sweetens my life
melts my heart

That is completely how I feel when I look at Lily's cute bedding.   
Wait, that is completely how I feel when I look at sweet Lily!
(on that note, what a cute saying to get decals for on the wall...oh joy!)

Making a joined room with two very different themes, has been a little challenging.  The more I would imagine, the more I wanted to remove/repaint everything of Bayli's.  But, I knew that wasn't going to happen-not in a million years.
After rearranging the furniture to accommodate Lily's crib, I decided to paint Lily's wall a beautiful butter yellow (on Bayli's birthday nonetheless).   It goes super cute with her darling bedding-even more droolicious. 
I had made her a cute name plaque and ribbon holder to match the bedding as a Christmas gift.

And I purchased this cute frame!

I also intended to  purchase this decal for her wall-love it!

After all of my scheming, planning, and painting  you can just imagine my excitement to finish up the project.

Then, we decided to add the bookshelf to their room, and Jed began to construct a darling desk for Bayli.  So now, with the cute wall painted just for Lily's bedding, we hit a cross roads for space. 
We have decided to bunk Lily with us for  a while longer, make her a space in our room, because we have space to spare and Bayli does not.

So, we disassembled Lily's crib to reassemble in our bedroom, disassembled her cradle and placed it in the basement, and removed our desk and computer.

My dreams of another cute nursery are put aside for a while.  Hopefully we can finish the basement sooner than later.  I don't want little Lily getting too used to being around us ALL of the time, even if she is a super cutie-patootie!
She already loves her new space (actually the big ticker is that we finally put up her mobile).  She grins from ear to ear when she looks at the bright colors surrounding her. 

And big sister Bayli is tickled that she has all that space back and gets to put her bed next to the yellow wall.

As parents, we often have to give up those things that we desire the most and make our kids come first.   So what do Jed and I get out of all of this besides happy kids? I know, happy kids is enough.
But, since we no longer have a desk, Jed promised me a new laptop-yipee! At least we get a little something out of all of this craziness.
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