Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Halloween wrap up

 It's been way too busy around here lately.  But here is our last bit of Halloween fun.

Our annual trip to see the witches at Gardener Village.
(I need to remember to always go earlier in the month-it was nuts the day we went!)
Not to mention we got stopped at least 50 times (not even exaggerating) with inquiries into the kids costumes.

 The annual pumpkin carve-a-thon. 

Lily, as usual, was just excited to stuff her face.

It may look like he is getting his hand dirty.

But we all know that he despises dirty hands.  He absolutely would not touch pumpkin guts.

He stood and stared at his pumpkin for about 20 minutes after he was done.  Pretty proud that boy was.

This little cutie dressed up for the occasion.  No surprise there.  She LOVES carving pumpkins.
Lily felt the need to work on the pumpkins as well.

She started getting really hands on, not like her brother at all.  This girl wants to experience everything.

In fact, she claimed stakes on the pumpkin guts.  And yes, she would have eaten every bit if we had let her.

I love this mischievous little imp!!!
Trick or treating was a splendid affair.  The kids had a blast!
Bayli was able to have a fun filled day at school.
Chase on the other hand had to patiently wait ALL DAY LONG.  
He was pretty eager to get his trick or treating on. 
 I think that I heard when are we going to Grandma's at least 20 times that day.

Lily was just excited to be a part of everything, including driving the car from one Grandma's to the other.  (I promise we are good parents, they only live eight houses apart). 

This was my favorite pic of the night. Chase loves his Grandpa.  

After their visits to their Grandparents, the kids had a blast walking the streets in our neighborhood.  It was so much fun sharing their joy.
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