Wednesday, September 23, 2009

a fairy for every job

bayli mentions fairies at least once a day. how do you say...obsessed? more than a bit.

so after a visit to the potty (i can only imagine what she thinks about during those personal moments) this is the conversation she brought up:

bayli: "mom, is there a poop fairy?"

(moment of shock and personal thought. "oh was she talking to me, did she really say what i thought she said?")

me: "ummm...i don't know, what do you think?"
(now fighting back giggles).

bayli: "well are there? i think that there are."

me: "what do they do?"

(moment of intense eye squinting and gazing off) "well, they help you go poop. and, they probably clean up poop too."

i am glad she walked out of the room after that.
who knew? there is a job for every fairy. everyone needs a little daily dose of the poop fairy.

i wonder what the poop fairy looks like?
what kind of super fairy symbol does she wear?
instead of a wand, does she pack around a pooper scooper?

i guess to be more politically correct we shouldn't give this special fairy the title of "poop fairy". maybe sanitation specialist fairy. gastrointestinal fairy. proctology fairy. defecation fairy. the bm fairy.
i am sure a boy would come up with something more like little $#@% fairy.
in the antics of kramer off seinfeld, the ass fairy (pardon the language).

cast your vote.

dear autumn, i look forward to...

savoring more peaches

watching my little girl search for fall fairies

mountain hikes with changing leaves

a field trip to wheeler farm

crisp evenings while camping

grandma dixon's 100th birthday celebration

family pictures captured by katherine

grandma carol's 60th

seeing my babies dressed in their halloween best

eatin' me some turkey

Thursday, September 17, 2009

what's better than sailing?

chasing birds?

getting soaked by grandpa?




walking in sand?

nah, no comparison!!!

well, maybe a little beach fun...just maybe.

we had a ton of fun at starvation reservoir for the atherley family vacation. bayli got braver on the catamaran. chase was able to take short rides and have a little fun on the boat. he mostly liked running down the beach and playing in the sand. it was a fun getaway with yummy food.

through the eyes of a sailor...

and those of a future sailor...

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