Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Flamingo flyby

Over the weekend, Bayli underwent her first Great Backyard Bird Count.  GBBC, as non-first-timers refer to it.  Props to her Aunt Angie for introducing us to the event.  

Bayli committed approximately 20 minutes on Sunday morning to count the birds in our yard.  Her results, "WE NEED MORE BIRDS MOM!!!  Why aren't the birds that are usually here not coming when it is really important for me to count them?"  
I think she counted maybe 6.  And they were probably the same 3 House Finches making trips back and forth to our feeder.  
As sad as it was, it was pretty entertaining to listen to her chatter about her non-bird-sighting.  She finally decided that the birds weren't coming because it was too noisy in our house.  Her efforts to quiet down the household were in vain.  She came to the conclusion that she needed to make a wildlife viewing tent to hide in. 
I wish that we had taken a photo of her make shift wildlife viewing tent stationed in the middle of our family room with a direct view out the back windows.  It was complete with pillows for seating, drinks, stuffed animals, and whatever else she managed to hide in it before we started to get on her case for making a mess. 

My favorite part of the event was her Flamingo non-sighting, which went a bit like this:

Bayli:  Mom, I see one!!!
Me:  What was it?
Bayli:  I don't know.  It was small and maybe black or brown.  I think it was a Flamingo.
(long pause)  I mean House Finch.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

i scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!!!


shoe palooza

Her fascination with shoes has, well...grown.  
Her favorites now being, anyone's that are not hers.  Although she still loves her own.
I love watching her slip on a pair and trudge around the place.  That or slip on one and pack around the second.  I guess that she thinks it is okay as long as they are near her person.  

My other favorite thing, the infamous blue glove she also has been sporting on her person.
Don't you just love her funny shadow that makes it look like she has two crazy piggy tails instead of one?
We could watch her try on shoes all day long.

Funny Chase

Chase, just emerging from the bathtub (he has been obsessed with his penis lately):

Me:  Chase please don't touch your penis
Chase:  Mom, what's this? (Now holding onto his scrotum)
Me: (very uncomfortable at this point)  It is your scrotum.
Chase:  (pause)  Oh, a scrotum penis?

almost dejavu

 Just like her brother.  

Frequently found packing around a water bottle.  
Can't leave home without it. 
 Pees up a storm.  (Now we have two little bodies whose pee we will fight over when we are trapped in a desert.  Just in case you needed to know.)
Has to have a straw.

 If packing a water bottle was the only behavior she was picking up from her brother, life would be a lot less difficult.  
We could definitely do without her need to vocalize in the same manner as her brother...LOUDLY with high pitched ear piercing screeches.  
I think that he is beginning to wish that he hadn't taught her those skills as well.

we teach 'em young

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