Saturday, December 26, 2009

to cry or laugh...

after having a very rough evening, full of fits and polly pocket time-outs, this is what bayli said to jed upon her return to the family room:

"dad, do you know what these are on my face?"

moment of silence from dad.

"they're tears."

now if that isn't enough to make you cry and laugh in the same moment.
clever and quirky wrapped up in one tiny body, that's how she rolls.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

did you check your mail?

from our family to yours, happy holidays!

and no we didn't really send any of these lovelys out. due to employment changes, our budget is too tight this year.

just imagine two cute kiddos, bundled up in their warmest gear, on your porch.
one is trying to sing jingle bells while handing you a bag of truffles with above card attached.
the other is trying to squeeze past you and make themself at home.
i am sure that you can imagine who takes which role.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

santa mouse

i love traditions!
i am always fascinated by the traditions of those around me, always looking for something new and exciting to try with my family.

one tradition that is tried and true for our family is santa mouse.

before i was married and had my own family, my mom instilled the santa mouse tradition in me.
on christmas eve we always read the book Santa Mouse, by Michael Brown. then we added Santa Mouse, Where Are You? to the reading list.

in case you have never read these books, santa mouse is santa clause's helper. he goes with him in his sleigh and takes tiny gifts tied with a yellow ribbon. he places these special gifts in your tree.

my nieces and nephews would get so excited about santa mouse.
he used to only visit at grandma's, so it made our family exchange even more special.
the kids would instantly look for signs that the little helper had been there.
but, one year, santa mouse decided it was time to visit each family. he left santa mouse books for each of my siblings to take home.

now that we have our little family, santa mouse makes his presence known. bayli giddily has us read the books throughout december, or whenever she finds them.

then she says, "on christmas eve, we have to be sure and leave cheese for him! oh, and we have to leave carrots or apples for the reindeer. and a treat for santa."

it is so much fun instilling my fondest memories in her.

Monday, December 7, 2009

tank gets a makeover

make that a work over

he got in a fight and lost
now we all get to pay for it

a trip to the vet
a big pussy mess
a lamp shade
dressing changes twice a day
antibiotics that he detests
and confinement

i hope he learned his lesson

Friday, December 4, 2009

fascination with a shredder

it calls to him like a beacon.
he cannot overcome his temptation.
he is drawn to it.

with a quiet close of the door,
he begins his attack.

like a rat with a pile of spare newspapers,
he is focused on one thing.
only, the papers are already shredded.
and, he builds his dream in the middle of an open room.

i hope this fascination ends soon...

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

the space of ten minutes

chase was playing quietly in the kitchen, too quietly.

i called out, "chase?"
his quick response, "what?"

i know that he has gotten into something.

i walk into the kitchen to see him
happily gnawing on a tube of pina colada chap stick.
his little hands are meticulously slathered in the yellow cream.

chap stick is not an easy thing to wash off.

after i get him semi cleaned up, i start cleaning up the mess in the kitchen.

it is time to get bayli from school.

chase is nowhere to be found, all is quiet.

i call out, "chase?"
quick response, "what?"

i open my bathroom door to this:

he found the halloween makeup tucked away in one of my drawers.
i am sure that is wasn't as tasty.

and i thought the chap stick was hard to clean up.
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