Thursday, May 27, 2010

the finished product

Chase's cute bed, ready for paint!

We decided to go with a royal navy. Jed LOVED turning the shop into a speckled mess with the sprayer. He did a fantastic job, so glad he is so meticulous.

The bed turned out perfect. Jed set it up in the basement for a few days. I know that he was delaying handing it over to the boy. And for good reason. When we finally started to set it up in Chase's room, the boy started working it over with his little tool set. I guess that we shouldn't have encouraged him to watch the building process.

I had found this cute bedding on clearance almost a year ago. Where you ask, Target of course. It was a super deal. Plus, it matched his room perfectly. We were excited to not have to repaint his room. And he can keep his cute fishies up for a while longer.
the finished product, minus the bed rail we were hesitant to put up

Chase was so excited once it was all put together. He would point and say "bed, nice!"

the happy guy testing things out

Then he started getting a little crazy and had his first 'fall out of bed' incident. We decided that we would have to put up the toddler rail, even though the fall wasn't far. His bed is still cute, but doesn't show off the overall wow factor as much.

The first fall. He kind of made it look like he was doing a trick, not so.

He slept wonderfully in his new big boy bed. The following morning, he was again super excited. He came and got mom and had to show her his new bed. "Mom, bed, wow!"

Bayli was also super excited because she got a new mattress in the process, handing hers down to Chase. "Mom, I slept so comfortably. Why does my bed smell like butter?" Gotta love that new bed smell. But butter, never would have thought that.

Thanks dad for making happy sleepers!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

preschool wrap-up

The week before Bayli was supposed to finish preschool, her class had 'When I Grow Up...' Day.
If you haven't talked with her about animals, you wouldn't know that she is " animal expert. I know all things about all animals!" So she decided that she wanted to dress up as a Vet. We were only slightly surprised that she didn't pick a dancer, ballerina, fashion designer, mommy, or all of the other obvious girly titles (which she loves as well).
So we went to work putting together our best Vet costume. She was filled with glee.
Her preschool put on a Graduation program at the Magnolia Reception Center. It was nice, BUT, they needed a stage so that we could actually see her in the densely packed room. At least the singing of a bunch of 4/5 year olds was cute.
After the kids sang, they were given graduation caps (so cute! made with rainbow crayon paper). Then each child got to speak into the microphone and say what they wanted to be when they grow up. It was funny to hear a large number of the little boys say " worker." We definitely need some of those, but I am betting they will change their minds when they get a little older.
Then the class of 2010 was presented.
I love fast 30 minute programs!!!

the super excited Graduate (that would only smile if she said "dad stinks!")

Bayli & her wonderful teacher Miss Michelle

Bayli & her very proud Grandmas

Bayli & her very proud daddy

Bayli & her very proud mommy

Thursday, May 20, 2010

springing to life

As with every season, we have a wonderful time watching the changes that occur in our yard. This Spring has been no exception.
In addition to the lovely plants that spurt out leaves and new blooms, we have been able to see the growth from the seeds planted in our garden.
We have planned our garden in spurts this year. We planted Romaine Lettuce, Spinach, Onions, and Garlic in late March. These cool loving plants have flourished, especially the Spinach. We have Spinach coming out our ears! If anyone would like some, come on over, it is very tasty. Bayli is often found snacking on it mid-play.
And our Romaine lettuce is also delicious. It is so nice to be able to eat it while at it's tender baby stage.

We have been surprised by a few plants. We love Blue Oat Grass and have multiple plants throughout the yard. It had taken us a while to find it. It is not common in local nurseries. We found our first starts at a small town family nursery in Southern Utah. And have since found a few local starts. Last year it seeded, giving us multiple surprises throughout the yard this spring. The funny thing this year, is that unlike years past, some plants have already shot up their tassels. We usually don't get to enjoy them until later in the summer.
As usual we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our "late bloomers." The Sumac and Gambel Oak are always one of the last plants to unveil their leaves in our yard. Of course, I always have to wait for my favorite things to arrive-isn't that how it works. Not to mention that I hate waiting for my Iris' to bloom. I should be more patient because they come and go so fast.
Seeing tiny blooms form is always exciting. We know that it will spring the beginning surge of the Honeybees that love to come and visit the Bluebeard and Sage. And the lovely Hummingbird Moths that will feast on the prolifent flowers of the Butterfly Bushes. The Robins and Bayli's that eat the fruits of the Currant bushes-so tiny yet so delicious.
beginning blooms of the Snowball Bushblooms on the Amur Maples
ever so tiny blooms on the Currant Bushes

Seeing the shoots of the Hostas gets me filled with warmth and relaxation. Every year as they mature, they arrive sooner and sooner. I can't wait for their blooms to come this summer. Hopefully we will be able to enjoy them with an adjacent paved area rather than the empty barren dirt that sits like a scar, reminding us of all that we have accomplished and the baby steps away from being completed.
The plant that I believe Jed and I have both been most excited about, is our beautiful Cut-leaf Lilac. It is perfect for our Xeriscaped yard. It has a more desert-like appearance than other varieties, and seems to be hardier in the drier climate. It maintains it's gorgeous green hue throughout the summer, unlike the other Lilacs in our yard that seem to get overheated and dry looking. It bares gorgeous blooms that have a more spindly look.
We have been very tempted to take out our other Lilacs and replace them with these lovely's. Unfortunately it has also proven to be a harder plant to find. It was a happened-upon pick from my dad's greenhouse. He doesn't even remember anything about it when we inquire if he has more. I guess we might have to venture to our favorite little Southern Utah nursery to see if they might have some.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

thoughts turn to saw meet bond

bet you can't guess what's been going on at our home...

my super impressive and talented husband has been down in the man cave making another wondrous creation. he wasn't just teasing me.
that's right, chase is getting his big boy bed! but not just any bed. one made with sweat, love, and blood (by someone he knows and thinks is pretty cool).

anyone who knows jed, knows he is a perfectionist. to sum it up, HE GOT SKILLS!!!
with nearly 12 years of marriage under the belt, he proves time and time again that he can do anything.
i find what i want, he draws it out, improves it, and impresses.

it is so wonderful to have a home filled with so many items created by his talented hands.
and this bed, is going to be to die for!

jed even marked it with his own blood (BIG accident) to show how much he loves his little guy.
the saw is still laughing at him, reminding us of a jaws horror movie.

at least he thinks he is pretty cool with his pink bandages. he tends to pose james bondish. i am sure he is thinking "table saw, make my day!"

we are just glad that his fingers are still intact and able to build more wonderful additions for our home.
also that chase is deathly afraid of the noisy machines in the shop and won't come near them, at least for now.

we can't wait to see the finished product!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

the light whisperer

While stopped at a red light, Bayli says, "come on light, change."
the light promptly changes to green
Bayli says, "did you know that I speak light?"

I am so glad that I am related to this very special girl who not only speaks light, but never stops speaking at all. Who needs background music? Then again, background music does sometimes drown out the endless questioning and chattering of my funny girl.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

thoughts on being a nurse

Being that it is Nurses Appreciation Week, and I am a Nurse, I wanted to write out some of my fondest memories of carrying that title.

1) I get to see some of the best visits from the Hair Fairy (not on my daughter or myself).
2) I have to challenge myself with new sites and smells. Some I never want to experience again.
3) I thrive yet despise a good adrenaline rush. Especially at 3 am.
4) I feel my blood pressure reach the boiling point when I get to deal with baby docs. Also when veteran docs are useless.
5) For 12 hour increments, I have an immense responsibility of caring for someones loved one. Someones mother, father, brother, sister, wife, husband, son, daughter, grandparent, etc.
6) I get told genuine thank-yous. Yet, I also sometimes get cursed at.
7) I get to challenge myself with being a great advocate for those who can not or do not know how to speak for themselves.
8) I get to share some of the most tragic and some of the most memorable moments with strangers. Often those strangers and I form an extension of friendship that I have never experienced anywhere else in my life.
9) I see the closeness of family and get to share the loss of another with them. I am always surprised how a family desires to embrace a stranger.
10) Most of all, I get to spend time with some of the most courageous souls I have ever met. They have no idea how much they bless me. Often I get more out of the relationship than they would ever know.

Almost 6 years ago I had the privilege of caring for one of the funniest, pleasant, loving, courageous, and appreciative cancer patients. He wrote this poem while on an extended visit. It is quirky and cute, definitely amateur, but I love it.

Guy in My Room

My dear Neldon haste to stand back at this time pace...
Another named George has taken his place.
He stands by my side...
Tall and stately is he
But as skinny, skinny as can be.
With a blue belly tied to his middle
He works all the time
Except when he's empty, kinked or unplugged.
Then he makes a squawk-that makes me bugged.
But glad to have a partner to take
me for walks...
and to the bathroom way to much.
Hold my IVs, blood, meds, and antibiotic.
I hope he don't think I'm neurotic.
As long as he's standing there
I know I'm safe.
Till I am able to get out of this place!

I love my job. It is an extension of me that could never be replaced. Sure there are days, weeks, months that I would rather be somewhere else. But I know that there would be an emptiness in me that could only be filled with sharing my time and talent with others.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

politically correct BM

Bayli had been having a rough tummy day (crampy belly and diarrhea).

Bayli: "Mom, I think I need to take another dump!"

Mom had to restrain herself from laughing and smiling-very hard task.
And just to inform all who may wonder where she learned such a term-DAD!!!
At least she used it in the right context and it wasn't public.
Can you imagine if she had asked her school teacher in such a way, awe for the love!
Sadly, I wouldn't put it past her. For this reason we had a sit down on why that statement could NEVER be used.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

water waster

While Bayli was in washing her hands, Jed said, "What are you doing, draining Utah Lake?"

A few days later...while Jed was cleaning out the kitchen sink, Bayli said, " What are you doing, sucking down Utah Lake?"
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