Tuesday, February 19, 2013


We purchased new chicks yesterday.
Chase's ''orange'' one died today.

While on the way to take Bayli to swimming, we brought up the dead chick.

Bayli started to tear up.

I began the '' its in a better place'' conversation.

Chase said, ''in the garbage?''

Try explaining heaven after a funny comment like that.

Love that kid.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

8, where has the time gone?

Bayli has been so excited for her 8th Birthday.  Too bad she was sick for the big day.  Missing school is not her favorite thing.
Since her birthday was at the beginning of January, she had to be very patient in waiting for her baptism day.
Groundhogs Day will have a new meaning for us.  Sorry Bill Murray, you've been replaced with the smiles of a wonderfully beautiful young lady.
Posing in her awesome "jumper"
A very proud dad in said "matching jumper"

 Bayli had so much love and support from wonderful family, friends, and neighbors.  She was beeming all day long.
She told me that when Jed had confirmed her and gave her a blessing, "I kept my eyes closed through his whole prayer!  And it was a really good one!"
I must say it was a really good one.  He seemed to hit all the key areas that are important and meaningful in her life right now. 
Bayli was lucky to share her special day with two of her wonderful friends.  Aren't they lovely?

Afterwards she had a wonderful time celebrating with her family.  She was so grateful for all of the support that she received.  As soon as her company had left, she started working on her thank-you cards.  Love that girl, she is so grown up!

We were so busy with the days events, that we almost forgot to take pictures of her in her special baptism dress (I love it, not your traditional baptism look).  I'm glad that I remembered to put her special wrist-let from her blessing in her hair.  One of those sentimental gifts from her Aunt Katie that we have cherished and been eager to use for this big day.  The next time she'll wear it is on her wedding day, not so eager for that day!

The world is yours to discover and experience, live worthily and make it count little B!

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