Sunday, January 8, 2012


Bayli had a delightful day with her family and bestie.  A visit to the Aquarium, Wendy's, and cake was all that she asked for.  Well, not all, mother nature didn't provide her in way with much snow. She wanted to go sledding.  

Thursday, January 5, 2012

this unusual weather...

has made for two happy kiddos.

I mean,what little nearly 18 month older, isn't thrilled to be outside, in January?

 And what little 3 year old wouldn't try to soak up every opportunity to be outdoors, in January?

What little baby lets you swing them for nearly an hour straight, in January?

And what little guy, gets to say "higher, HIGHER!!!" in January?
And then slide nearly 50 times, in January?

And what little gal wouldn't be tickled to tag along with the hens, in January?

 And what mom wouldn't give up a day of chores, to share in an adventure outdoors with their littlest loves?  
That and try out their new lens on wintered plants?

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