Monday, September 6, 2010

sustainable doors, meet ginormous ladder

our north facing (rear of the house) doors have a problem,
namely, the weather.
they get the brunt of weather changes causing them to shrink and expand more often,
thus, paint peels.

husband has wanted new door frames after repainting them year 2 in the home.
(he has painted them a total of 4 times in 6 years)

racking his brain to find a better solution,
he finally found one, clad them with composite decking.
quite the feat, he had to fabricate them entirely.
but they look wonderful.
best of all, no paint required!

while installing said doors, wife mentions that dryer isn't working.
also noted, the washer sounds like a wind turbine.
husband heads to roof to check the vents.

husband doesn't return in a timely manner so wife goes out to check husband.
chirp chirp... time waiting at the bottom of the ladder and calling for husband.
husband reveals self unharmed with a bucket and shovel in hand.

?? why the shovel and bucket??
oh, the gutters are full of dirt, that's right dirt!
we have a drainage problem.
add the gutters to the list!!!

and that is why we had to borrow my dad's neighbors ginormous ladder.

meanwhile, we are waiting for parts to fix the broken washer and dryer.

isn't being a home owner wonderful?!!!

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