Thursday, September 15, 2011


We've been crazy BUSY lately.
Starting with back to school:  Bayli loves her new school and new teachers.  She is super excited about learning French and riding the bus. 
I wasn't so excited because my baby is gone all day, her school was a bit hectic that first week, and the first day of school I was called in for jury duty.  So, I missed all the firsts.  Thank goodness Jed took a bazillion pictures.

Speaking of jury duty, that was interestingly lame.  And yes I was picked as a juror.  4/25 really, what are the odds?  Kind of one of those situations where you know without a doubt your number is going to be called, as much as you fight against it.

Jed realized how crazy my day can be while I was M.I.A. with the justice league.

Get everyone fed.  Dressed.  Send Bayli off on the bus (for the first time).  Get Chase to preschool.  What do we do with Lily?  Send her to Grandma's (big thanks).  Who picks up Chase?  After school play-date with Macey (thanks wonderful friend).  Who will see Bayli get off the bus?  (have her walk home with the neighbors-thankfully court didn't last all day so I got to help with this one.)  Off to swim lessons (I know Jed was most grateful that he didn't have to deal with this on his own). Oh crap,  we forgot Bayli's swim gear.  Leave a tearful 6 year old with a loving Grandma that surprised her with a swim lesson visit.  Head back home for swim gear.  Whoops, shut Chase's fingers in the door, the sacrifices everyone must bare. Grandma topped it off with providing dinner, much appreciated.
Thank goodness we have such wonderful friends and family!!!

Lily has been working on her super hero moves.  She is blessed with speed, fearlessness, and her mommas tongue.  If she isn't running around, you can bet she is either scrounging off the floor with her mighty tongue, investigating for criminals-typically in everyone's shoes, or practicing her dismount from the couch.  Seriously we have determined that she will bare the first broken bone. We have yet to come up with her super hero title.   

Chase has been busy with his love/hate relationship with school.  He secretly loves it, he just doesn't like to do what others tell him to.  So I have to threaten that I am going to school instead, works like a charm (at least for now).
He has also been busy practicing for  trucking 101 complete with sound effects.  He cracks us up with his broken stroller trailer.  He can pile his "trailer" pretty high.  And you better look out when he is on the road, no toes are spared.  And shoot, chair in the way?  Well he'll just plow on through it.

Don't get me wrong, it hasn't been all fun and games around these parts.  We have been up to serious business.  Our garden is crazy mad.  We have had a constant influx of tomatos, corn, zucchini, carrots, peppers, and squash.

Also we have been trying to identify who our mysterious ghost is.  Yeah, that dust print is legit.  Poor lil feller, plum flew inna ar winder.  We are pretty sure it was a dove.  As evidenced by, dusty print (they do hang out on the ground quite a bit), too big to be one of the sparrows (they frequent the window enough that we would know), oh and biggest sign, we found a carcass under the tree.

I have been busy working on my run.  Rather, overcoming injuries that I keep accruing while working up to this:
 That in it's self, deserves it's own post. 

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  1. Wow, you must have super CLEAN windows. Reminds me of the Windex commercial.-Sara Phillips


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