Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A mismatch November...

Lily has been expressing her LOVE for shoes!!!
In more ways than one.

Lily had her first "real" snow adventure.

Chase had a great time showing his little sister how to roll in the snow.

Bayli decided to show her a bit more extreme snow fun.  Too bad I didn't have enough hands to take pictures when it was Lily's turn. 

By the end of her snow adventure, she looked like an abominable snow baby.  I think we just might need to invest in a more snow friendly snowsuit. 

Chase has been working on his engineering skills.  Building a train and proceeding to ferry his little sis about the house.  This has turned into one of their favorite activities.
Engineer Chase from Lisa Atherley on Vimeo.

Bayli has been super busy reading to Chase.  He is finally starting to like story time.  In fact one day, they read together for an entire hour. Not surprising for her, but a SHOCKER for him. 
Bayli has also been busy being a RESPONSIBLE builder at her school.  We are so proud of her and her eagerness to do so well in school.  It was so exciting watching her receive her first school-wide award.  On the other hand, she was a bit nervous standing in front of all of those people.

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  1. How cute are Chase and Lily! that was so funny. That is great that Chase would sit for an hour!


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