Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Family for Christmas

This season came and went so quickly.  Maybe if it had snowed more frequently, time would have slowed down a bit.  But between the everyday rush of things, life has been like pushing the fast forward button.
The week building up to Christmas was spent wrapping up that everyday stuff.  Bayli had her 1st Grade Christmas Program, as cute as they usually are.  Filled with yawners, nose pickers, skirt flippers, prop breakers (followed by sad facers), cheesers, "hi mom"-ers, hand actors, no front teeth-ers, and the list continues.  If I ever finish editing the video, it should be pretty funny. 

The Annual Atherley Christmas Eve Party, was a fun event.  This years theme was The Great Outdoors.  So we started off with a weenie roast.
Then it was on to building rockets.

Super proud of their rockets
 And finally, the Launch!

Chase's rocket was pretty impressive, I am pretty sure his went the highest.

Jed and DJ were the designated retrievers.  They were just as entertaining as watching the rockets.
Chase insisted on retrieving his own rocket.  His screams were a sign to the men, "don't mess with me!"
They finally started pointing it out for him.

For a short while, Chase wanted to be like the men and catch the rockets.  His efforts were unsuccessful.
So were his efforts in patiently waiting his turn.

As usual, Bayli was perfect at being beautiful and silly.

Everyone had a wonderful time

Even those who were at the repair station.
And Lily, well, she was content to muddle about being cute.  She could care less about the rockets.

 After rockets, it was gift time.  Followed by treats and games.  We had a fun time.

Chase showing his tummy.

Love that face

notice hands down his pants

Notice Chase's cute little bum. 
Lily thought twice about having Uncle Nate help her open her gift. 
She opted to sit with mom instead.  I love her happy smile with the site of clothes, that's my girl.

No clue why Sheri and I are saying How to one another???

Lily loved her jammies.  So did the other kiddos.
 Christmas morning was met with 3 excited kiddos.  They opened their stockings, Santa Mouse, and Santa gifts before readying themselves for Church.  After church, we finished opening our family gifts.

Bayli's favorite gift was her Zooble Nursery from mom and dad.  Chase loved his construction books from Santa and ambulance from mom and dad.  Lily loved her kitty, books, and blue boots.  I am super excited about my new camera lens, can't wait to photograph some bugs!!!  And Jed loved everything he received (at least that is what I am speculating). 

Then, we headed out for the Annual Christmas Breakfast at the Dixon's.  Well, this year it was breakfast for lunch.  And, as usual, DELICIOUS!!!

Lily loved her new baby and stroller. 

She was leery about how to retrieve her back from Uncle Rob.
Bayli loved the Zooble collection and Teensies she received.

Chase loves his new helicopter.

And everyone had a good time kicking back after the crowded room emptied a bit. 

They all look totally stoned.  Love these kinds of pics.

cute girls.

Now that is a cheese.
 Then it was off to Nona's for a visit.  Unfortunately we didn't come home with any photos of the kids with Nona, Chase was too leery of her "owy nose" and more interested in the chickens throughout her home anyways.  Instead, they each came home with a Christmas Bear from her collection.  Thanks Nona!!!

Then finally, the kids got their wish of returning home to play with their loot. 
It was wonderful spending the weekend surrounded by so many people that we love. 

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