Wednesday, May 30, 2012

April, a month full of exciting things!


Out of focus, but for some reason I LOVE it.

Finally her own purse, she hasn't loved it as much as we thought that she would.

Her own phone, next to books and food, her favorite thing. I love the concentration in this one.

He was pretty stoked over his new gun.
She is so funny, what a poser.

 Sliding, her scary passion.

just love this little imp

 Happy Birthday Chase, the BIG 4!!!

The cake that he had been eying for the entire last year, it was a necessary purchase.

How many funny faces can a little guy make on his big day?

He was so excited to add some big rigs to his collection.

Thanksgiving Point 5K and 1 Mile fun run

It was a pretty cold morning.

My girlfriend Cecily, love the crap out of that girl!

My cute little mommy, still trucking at 62, she ROCKS!!!
My first official 5K, I totally beat the socks off my training PR.  Still slow though.

Bayli was super nervous to run her 1 mile race.  Her preparation building up to her mile had ended the week prior with a complete meltdown.  I told her that she was officially a runner now, a runner isn't complete without being completely broken down by their own personal failure.  We knew that she would be successful in completing her goals after that. 

Cutest little runner ever.  I loved her energizing sprints throughout her run, she kicked my can, it was difficult to keep up with her.  Next time I'm going to strap a sign on her that says "I'd rather be swimming."  Speaking of swimming, her biggest accomplishment this month, making swim team.

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