Thursday, December 27, 2012

Lily's potty journal, an EPIC journey.

Lily woke up Friday and announced that she finally wanted to be a big girl and wear panties and do her business on the pot.  Of course, only Lily would pick one of the busiest times of the year to make our house turn upside down.  But, knowing her little personality we knew that it was now or never.  So it began.

She did really well the first two days.  Minus the incident on Saturday where she thought it was a good idea to remove her diaper at nap time and pee on her bad. 

She had her first "outing" in panties on Sunday, and asked to take a billion trips to visit the toilet and drain a whole teaspoon of urine.  Then made a puddle on the nursery floor with only 10 minutes before going home.  Pretty successful I would say.
 Then, her demon within decided to have a little fun at naptime again.  But this time it wasn't with pee.  She painted her bed, rails, floor, door handles, arms, hands, and arms (front and back) with poop!  Not cool at all!!!  What a fun family moment playing clean up.

Christmas Eve  (Monday) was MUCH like the day before.  Only she gave the walls, teacups, spoons, rocking chair, and little kitchen sink a visit from the Poop Fairy.  We then decided to call her Poo Bear instead of Bear.  I have an internal vomit from within every time I visualize  her tea cup full of poop with a spoon sticking out of it.  Knowing Lily, one taste wasn't enough!
Needless to say, she received three cold showers at clean up time. 

The threats of cold showers must be working, because the Poop Fairy hasn't visited again. 
And wetting herself 2-3 times when out at family parties was nothing to sweat about.  There is always something worse that our little imp could come up with. 

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