Saturday, April 13, 2013

Chase's Prayers

Chase has started saying his own prayers. At first he wasn't quite on board, he'd whine "I don't know what to say."
We kept telling him to say what ever he was thankful for.

For a while he wanted to say, "thank you for everything." Or, "...all of the things." And would try to finish.  Of course we didn't let him get away with that.

Now he has been coming up with some very Chase-ish things.
"Thank you for the whole Earth."
"Thank you for the Sun to keep me warm."
"Thank you for my new room and Bayli's new room."
"Thank you for my books."
"Thank you for the plants."
"Thank you for the weeds so I can help mommy."
"Thank you for the animals."
"Thank you for all of the planets and stars." (He sometimes gets sidetracked here and pauses to ask some question about space, lava, or how the Sun warms things.)

He cracks me up.  I love that he is so interested in the world around him.  He is so intrigued by space and lava lately.  I don't have all of the answers to his questions and it frustrates him to no end.
Knowing Chase, he'll figure things out for himself.  Just like his dad, a trial and error kind of guy.  I see a bright future for him.

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