Friday, November 15, 2013

Her thanks

Lily says the best prayers.
She is thankful for everything.
Last night was no exception.
"...and fanks for ours grampa give us chrismis tree."
Grandpa John gave them light up Christmas tree ornaments.
"...and fanks for ours can clean ours rooms."
I told her to clean her room in the morning.
"...and fanks for ours Dixie cans go to heaven."
Grandpa's dog had to be put down suddenly last week. She normally says thanks for Dixie, but since she found out this is her replacement.
"...and fanks for DJ and  Sheri and Braxton and Ryker cans have a new house and dinner wiff us."
We are so excited for their new adventure.

Love our little imp.  She is so stubborn and difficult sometimes, but when it comes to prayer time she doesn't miss anything.

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