Thursday, April 17, 2014

A screamin good time

Family time tonight consisted of; drumroll...screaming contest.

The overall winner, and the one Jed and I both thought had the best set of pipes for the job, was Chase.  That boy has always had a good scream on him.  Lily was a close second.

After all the excitement subsided and everyone sat around lightheaded and glazed eyed with the occasional throat rub and throat clear, we told the kids that they weren't going to have voices tomorrow. 

After explaining laryngitis to Bayli, she burst into tears.  Very hoarsely she said, "I won't be able to talk?!!! But I love talking!"
There were more tears shed when we couldn't hold back our giggles.  That girl really does love to talk.
The remainder of the evening Chase smirked proudly that dad chose his scream for his ringtone, Lily kept asking to call dad's phone, and Bayli used a notepad to communicate, terrified of losing her voice. 

One of the best spontaneous family activities of all time!

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