Wednesday, September 23, 2009

a fairy for every job

bayli mentions fairies at least once a day. how do you say...obsessed? more than a bit.

so after a visit to the potty (i can only imagine what she thinks about during those personal moments) this is the conversation she brought up:

bayli: "mom, is there a poop fairy?"

(moment of shock and personal thought. "oh was she talking to me, did she really say what i thought she said?")

me: "ummm...i don't know, what do you think?"
(now fighting back giggles).

bayli: "well are there? i think that there are."

me: "what do they do?"

(moment of intense eye squinting and gazing off) "well, they help you go poop. and, they probably clean up poop too."

i am glad she walked out of the room after that.
who knew? there is a job for every fairy. everyone needs a little daily dose of the poop fairy.

i wonder what the poop fairy looks like?
what kind of super fairy symbol does she wear?
instead of a wand, does she pack around a pooper scooper?

i guess to be more politically correct we shouldn't give this special fairy the title of "poop fairy". maybe sanitation specialist fairy. gastrointestinal fairy. proctology fairy. defecation fairy. the bm fairy.
i am sure a boy would come up with something more like little $#@% fairy.
in the antics of kramer off seinfeld, the ass fairy (pardon the language).

cast your vote.


  1. Oh that Bayli she's a deep thinker that kid! haha! Great job in having her explain it rather than trying to figure something out on your own off the cuff! I personally like the BM fairy! haha!-Suzanne

  2. I personally like 'ass fairy' but that's because I like the word ass. Shhh...don't tell anyone! I'm trying to keep up my molly mormon image...

  3. mark down "ass fairy" for me.

    BTW: (and please delete if inappropriate) but who thinks this fairy may be a guy with preferences for the same sex.

  4. OK - that is totally hilarious.
    And totally something that my 4-year-old would come up with, too.
    Sometimes with all the questions she has, I'm only half listening, but you GOTTA love it when they catch your attention like that.
    I would love a poop fairy just to help clean bums and messes from potty training. Yes... I think I will start looking out for her & hoping she exists.


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