Monday, November 23, 2009

our little reader

what an amazing sight i get to see.

before preschool started this year(back in august), bayli decided that she wanted to learn how to read.
she had completed learning her letters and the sounds that they make over a year ago. she new a few words: mom, dad, cat, bayli, poop (thanks to her cousin), and some others i can't remember at the moment.
but, i had no clue how to teach her to read. i don't have a grandma reader like my good friend (pay me for your plug).

my sister-in-law, a book lover and mother to 4 amazing kids, had mentioned that she had found something that worked for her daughter. her daughter is the same age as bayli and can read well beyond a 1st grade level.

so i got the info and bought a book.
teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons.
and i must say, A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!

we made it through over half the book in about 2 months time. we go at bayli's pace. which some days is 2 lessons and others 1/2 a lesson.
she loves it!
and i love it. i don't pressure her to do a lesson every day. instead i here this, "mommy it's time for a lesson!" she motivates herself to want to read.

i am amazed at what she has learned. silent or as we like to call them tricky letters. sounds like sh, ch, th, ow. sentence structure and the use of question marks and quotation marks. i can't believe how fast she is learning. the human mind and that of a child blows me away.

i am so proud of my little reader!

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  1. Ah Lisa!! You make me laugh every day. The grandma reader reference was HI-Larious! You could not have picked out a better book. My grandma teaches old school which is the Distar program. I saw that this book is that also!! Wonderful that Bayli is reading!! She is such a smart kid and will do so well in school! Way to go mom!! You just gave her one of the greatest gifts of her life. We should have group field trips to get books. That would be fun! -Suzanne

    PS- I will tell Shaeler to stop trying to teach Bayli how to read. For some reason, it has been a priority on Shae's list. Go figure! LOL


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