Friday, November 20, 2009


the irresistible chatter of the boy.
he proclaims his desires.
he works his magic.
he smiles.
we can't resist.
your wish is my command.

the first big snow storm arrived last week. bayli was super excited to dawn her snow gear and head out into the white stuff.

chase just longed to be outside. he stared out the window, examining the strangeness of the back yard. "ousi, ousi," he jabbered continuously. he had never played in snow, this was an exciting event. he ran about the house impatiently and excitedly awaiting his turn for snow prep.

i must say, he has the coolest snow pants in town. thank-you my beloved target!

touching the snow for the first time. well, at least trying to. his mittens are bayli's old ones, i guess you could say they are a little big.

taking his first steps. very unsure indeed. he reminded us of randy from a christmas story. a must see if you have never experienced its awesomeness-funniest holiday movie ever!

he pretty much stood in this same spot for about 1o minutes. working up courage is pretty tough for this little guy in such strange surroundings, very unusual indeed.

at least he was too nervous to worry about his hat, hats are his nemesis.

tank joined him, it was his first snow as well. he was a little more adventuresome than chase.

meanwhile, this cute little snow princess was having a grand time. no fear in this one. then again, she is a little more experienced with the white stuff.

we decided to try out the sled. bayli plopped right on her tummy awaiting the thrill. chase took a little coaxing, bayli had to hug him to keep him on. (pretty pink snow boots, courtesy of bayli. i am sure that he won't mind for now).

and then, like magic, he fell in love!

bayli wanted some extreme thrills. "daddy, get out the four wheeler!"

chase, now in love with the sled, and already in love with the "vroom vroom," awaited his turn to feel the excitement.

he is so cute!!!
then he was overcome with joy when dad took him for a ride on the quad. he proclaimed his love for the quad with giggles and smiles.

his exhilaration was high enough that he decided to play in the snow.


  1. Looks like your family had fun! You sure got a lot of snow! Isn't funny to watching them try to pick up the snow with mittens on!

  2. Cute!! I love little kids in the snow! Especially when they are Chase's age. And I love Bayli's hat and Chase's snow pants!! Fun!


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