Monday, February 15, 2010

everyone an organ donor

My heart is full. My wonderful friend Mindi has a friend who's daughter has been waiting for a liver transplant (I hope that wasn't too confusing). Mindi had encouraged me to follow Lulu's story a few months back.

I have never met Lulu or her mommy, but somehow, I feel like I have known them forever. Her mom is a very inspirational writer about the struggles of being a mother with a sick baby. Keeping positive and always making it known that things are in God's hands. I tear up on almost every post she writes, mostly because she touches my heart and inspires me to think of things in a Heavenly perspective. But also for her wonderful endeavors in reaching out to others who are suffering. I am sure that she could rally the troops for anyone's cause.

I remember back in January, Mindi called me the day after Lulu received her transplant. I was overwhelmed with joy.

In a heartwarming story, Lulu's family was able to meet the donors family. When I read about this family's experience with organ donation, I thought my heart would explode.

When I had to stand in line at the DMV last week, and yes the stories are true about how long the wait is with the new changes, I checked my forms at least five times to make sure that I had checked 'yes' in the box to be an organ donor.
Not only should you check that little box, but you should make it known to your family. I have seen way too many families go against their dying family members wishes to donate. Because ultimately, your family is the deciding factor when those awful decisions have to be made and you aren't able to speak up.

Be a donor and save a life or two or three or more.

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  1. Yup! I cried! Thanks for the good cry today, Lisa! Love ya! -suzanne


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