Friday, February 12, 2010


budgets stink! especially when your budget gets cut in half and you are left with the smaller half. though we are nervously excited for the future, we can't help but stress about our budget. jed is, and has always been, very meticulous when it comes to our money. a very great quality, though annoying at times. fortunately, his ability to save has allowed us the opportunity for the changes we are currently undergoing.

with an extra body on the way, and an almost two year old, we have had to start looking for an additional bed. i have been scouring ksl classifieds for months looking for the perfect bed for my little guy. i know that there are beds out there for a great price, but i am still extremely picky. i know that if i keep waiting i will find the perfect bed. something that will last and is a beautiful piece at the same time. my problem is that i am in love with pottery barn. which is way overpriced even when my budget is at its high. you can find used pieces for a third of the price or less, they just tend to sell faster than i can get a hold of them. my dream bed for chase retails for $750, not including the mattress-YOUZAH!!!
the other issue we keep running into, is that we feel bad that we have never bought bayli a new bed. she inherited my old daybed. yes, it pretty much is the same one that all the girls growing up in the 80's probably had. the lovely white metal frame molded into heart shapes with hideous gold knobs.
she isn't bothered by it one bit, but we are.

now that the hunt has become a little more intense, jed is starting to look too. if you know jed, quality and price are his leading factors. so after he scoured through the few beds that were possibilities, he came up with a brilliant idea. "why don't i just make them?" at first, i was hesitant with his idea. he is extremely stressed and strapped for time with the new business. plus, will they end up costing more than a used find? but, then i thought, this is jed. he has proven time and again that he can make something beautiful on a lean budget. also, his quality of work will prove to be even better.

his next brilliant idea was "why not make three." he just keeps finding ways to make his honey-do-list increase in size.
get to work honey, times a wasting!

oh and honey, while you're at it, do you think that you can make one of these for way less than $1700? i know that your grandma won't mind.


  1. Jed is super man! He can make anything!! For example a swing set, the deck, my list could go on and on! I think he could make some wonderful beds for you! Hey, don't fee bad about Bayli sleeping on your old bed. So does Shae! She sleeps on the bed that I had as a little girl. Except we bought a head board at RC Willey that was a little dinged for $80. With what she has done to the bed, I have no regrets that she does not have something nicer. We will buy her the nice stuff when she understands that when you destroy something, now she has to pay for it! HA! Hope you have a lovely weekend and it was great seeing you last night! You are looking great! -Suzanne

  2. I agree Jed can totally do it! And that table is awesome! I can not wait to see it all finished.

  3. I hear you on the bed thing. We need one for our Ireland (right now both her and the baby are in cribs).
    My neighbor across the street knows of a lady who will give exact directions on how to make pottery barn stuff yourself - for obviously way cheaper. That's what they're doing with their little girls' bed. I should ask her about it.

  4. Lisa this blog might come in handy...

    I just came across it about two weeks ago and have yet to try and build any of her plans. But it looks promising!

  5. thanks everyone for the encouragement! kristen you rock-i think that site is just what we are looking for, for everything!

  6. heidi-i would love to contact this lady. anything with plans would be much easier than him making up his own.


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