Saturday, November 6, 2010

a punch for your hard work

[Late post]
Super cutie Bayli has been working hard to get her ears pierced.  It is the award she chose for eliminating thumb sucking. 
I am so glad that I wanted to let her decide to get her ears pierced rather than me make the decision for her.  I want my kiddos to be able to decide if they want holes punched in their bodies.  

We headed to Claire's for the event.  Once there, she started to get a little bit nervous and almost talked herself out of it.  Plus, she couldn't make a decision on what piercers to pick.  She finally decided on the rainbow flowers. 
Then she was all, "let's do this!"  The job was shortly followed by tiny whimpers and a few tears.  Quickly replaced with, "how do they look?  Are they the most beautiful ears you have ever seen?!!!"
I find it cute that she is wearing a Utes badge and she has crazy head-band hair.  I love my little cutie!

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