Tuesday, November 23, 2010

snow babies

Sunday, we woke to a wonderful winter wonderland.  Approximately 13 inches worth.  The kiddos were super excited to go out and "help" dad dig us out of the beautiful white stuff.
Chase was a little intimidated by just how much snow there was.  He stuck to the sidewalks and beaten down paths that Bayli made.  He was pretty worried when mom stuck him in a huge pile.  
"Oh no, mommy, mommy!"


Bayli, on the other hand, plunged straight in.   She began her efforts to make a fort.

 She is such a pretty snow angel.
 Chase began to warm up to the snow a bit.  Especially when mom showed him how to make and throw a snowball.
 He didn't care for his cumbersome mittens though.  They thwarted his efforts to effectively make and throw that perfect snowball. 
 Welcome winter.  We look forward to more snow fun.  We can't wait to hit the hills with our sleds!

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