Saturday, December 25, 2010


Christmas around here was kind of crazy, in fact the entire month of December was crazy!  It is going to take us a while to catch up, if we ever do.

Highlights from the annual Atherley Family Christmas Eve party:
Theme: Christmas in July.
BBQ for dinner, complete with picnic tables.
Glow sticks for fireworks.
Chase was super excited about his first 'real' Lego set-a dump truck.
Lily received some very cute booties.  (Seriously, only one picture of my baby on her first Christmas?  Third child syndrome already in effect.)
Bayli loved the new jewelry box!
Finally, everyone loved their home made PJs from Grandma.

Christmas morning brought much joy to our home.  That joy is stuck in the video camera, and will remain there.
Chase LOVED the awesome activity table that Jed made him.  He classified his gifts as either table worthy or for mom.  The items he loved (Legos, train set, big rig with trailer, and Zhu Zhu pet)  were placed on the table.  Clothing and books were given to mom.
Bayli loved, everything.  Especially her Panda Bear Pillow Pet.  Say that five times fast. 

As we do every year, we had breakfast at Grandpa and Grandma Dixon's on Christmas morning.  The kids were super hyped up from the joyful mornings they each had at their own homes, it was LOUD.
Chase was upset that he didn't get a Nerf gun like the older boys.  Thankfully he has a very sweet cousin who is always willing to share and play with him.  The little gun made his morning.
Lily received some more super cute handcrafted hats from Grandma.  I am so glad that my mom has such a cute Grand-baby to doll up. 
Bayli loved her hedgehog Zhu Zhu pet and purple cheetah print petiskirt (who wouldn't love that?).

On our way home Christmas night, Bayli told us that her favorite part about  Christmas is being with family.  I would like to think that she was telling the truth and not just what we wanted to hear; but, I really think that the presents weren't too bad either.

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