Tuesday, December 28, 2010

my little birds

Bayli has a book that she loves to read to me, The Little White Owl.    It is the courageous tale of a lone little owl that sets off into the world to see what is out beyond the realm of what he knows.
"For days the little white owl flew- over turquoise oceans and deserts of gold.  Then he spotted the prettiest trees, sprinkled with tiny jewels, so down, down, down he swooped-but wait...these jewels had beaks! They were owls-beautiful owls!  Owls just like him!"
But like so many things in life, the pretty owls did not want to be bothered by someone so different from them.
"How very plain you are...No colors at all...You don't belong with us."
The brave little owl persevered, trying to show the other owls  the beauty within.
"But I do have colors!...Here-in my heart! And bumping up and down in me are lots of happy stories."
I love how it displays that there are physical differences in us.  But, being able to recognize the glow in each individual is what truly sets us apart.

I keep being reminded about this sweet little tale when I look at my little children.  Who, since Lily's arrival, I have affectionately called my three little birds (I love Bob Marley.  Now Lily has her own  lullaby).  They have similarities in their appearance, but it is their little personalities that set them apart.  Bayli is my little talker.  Language and reading have always come easy for her.  Chase is my little intellectual.  He is a little thinker, analyzing objects to figure out how they work.  Then there is Lily (who we are still figuring out), my sweet little observer.  She watches those around her, mesmerized by the simple things in life. 
It is hard not to compare each child, to look back on each stage and milestone.  I constantly have to remind myself  that it doesn't matter.  They are unique.  If they all did things the same, life would be less of a challenge.

Here is to the sweet little birds in my life.  I love the three of you with all my heart.  I hope that you stop me if I ever start comparing you one with another.

mommy and the littlest bird

Lily's cute little owl hat that Grandma Carol made.


  1. What a sweet post. And completely true. Jason & I try to remind each other how each one is unique & gifted in their own way. And how each are sent to us to teach us different things. (and BTW - I love that song, too :)

  2. I have always loved how you let your kids be who they are.


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