Saturday, January 8, 2011

it's great to be 6

Bayli has been so excited for her birthday.  She has been planning for weeks months the days events.  And they have molded and changed as the planning has continued.  Last year she had a date with dad.  So she decided this year that she wanted a date with mom.  
I was so surprised that not once did she ask for a friend party.  And I must say that I was happy about that.  Friend parties, as fun as they are, give me a headache and always cost mucho denero.  I start out with a pretty good budget, then I keep finding more and more fun activities/prizes and the list of guests keeps getting larger and larger and LARGER!  And let me tell you, it is hard to decide who to take off a guest list once Bayli has decided who to invite-she loves everyone!
That being said, I was so excited that we weren't having a kid party!  Although, the events list was getting pretty cramped.

I had planned on taking Bayli to see Tangled for one of her activities.  It was pure torture for her to have to wait clear until her birthday to see the film.  Especially when all of her cute little friends were talking about it.  But, she was so excited to go on a date with mom, that she even turned down a date with her bestie (Shaeler).  Little things like that make being a mom pretty cool.
Since Bayli's list of events was getting pretty squished, we went and saw the movie the week before her birthday.  It was very thoughtful of us not to leave dad all day long with little Lily.
Our review-cutest Disney princess film ever!
We played Repunzle the rest of the afternoon when we got home.  Everyone of course, fought over who got to play the part of Repunzle, even daddy.

On Bayli's big day, the following week, we got up early as usual.  Mom, the events ruiner that she is, decided to paint the girls room.  It was a fast job, only one wall.  We were only delayed by about an hour, not bad.
Then we were off to Build-a-Bear Workshop (blaring of trumpets).  Bayli has wanted to pay that happy place a visit for years.  One owl, complete with clothing, shoes, and hat later and I was broke. But she sure loves her Snowie.
We next went to lunch at The Corner Bakery.  Then we were off to Toys R Us to use her complimentary $3 Birthday Gift Card-seriously I hate that place for sending such a ridiculous thing.  I disappointed her by capping off a $5 limit.
We returned home to begin the evening festivities.
We had the Grandmas and Grandpas and Chalese over for Cake.  Bayli also insisted that her BFF Shaeler attend the events.  They are such cute friends, Shae had called at about 11 am to see if we were done with our date, we hadn't even left yet.  She called another 3 or 4 times while we were gone.  I love that Bayli has such a close friend.
After yummy Red Velvet Cake, Bayli was gifted with tiny animals, polly pockets, a cheetah, and books.  She was in heaven.

Happy Birthday little peach!

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