Monday, January 17, 2011

little mommy

Bayli is constanly surprising us with her silly antics.
Her latest, she wanted to play with her glitter set.  I told her that she could when Chase was taking his nap.

While I was busy doing something else, I heard Bayli telling Chase "night, night!"  Followed quickly by Chase saying,  "on trink uh miwk!" (translation-I want a drink of milk).
At this point I stopped what I was doing to see what was going on.
Bayli had tucked Chase in bed, just the way he likes with his blankets layered and his teddy right beside him.  She had read him his favorite book and then tucked it in bed with him as well, just the way he likes.  He kissed her goodnight, and that was it.
No, "mommy I want a book."  No, "mommy I want kisses" (all three kinds).
My duties were overthrown, all because one little girl wanted to craft.
All I got to do was give him his drink of milk, he refused any kisses from me.

I am betting she had given him a lot of threats to get him into bed.  She probably had threatened to take away a list of items, including: blankets, trucks, and trains.
What a good little mommy!
Now if I can only get her to get up with Lily in the night when she is sick...


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