Monday, April 18, 2011

crazy about costumes

My kiddos love their Aunt Jerri, she lives in Texas.  They are always asking when we get to see her again.  Living far away from loved ones BITES!  

When Jerri and her family make a trip back to Utah, she always seems to have a surprise for them.  A box full of toys that her children have outgrown.  We tend to be lucky that way, donated toys come at us from many family members.  Which is nice because most of the time they are like brand new and I am not one to run out and buy my kids toys for every little thing.  We tend to be minimizers.  Oh, and we are cheap. 

My parents made a trip to Texas in March for little Alissa's baptism.  They are such a cute little pair.  They drove their Corvette, I still giggle when I think about it.  

Well we happened to be at their home, actually we were anxiously awaiting their arrival, when they returned from Texas.  

They came in with a ginormous box.  And if you know, the cargo space on Vette isn't very large.  But somehow they had fit all of their gear plus this ginormous box in it.  Of course my kids are eager to see what is in the box.  After it was ravenously opened, we discovered COSTUMES!

So guess what we got to do after we brought them home and cleaned them up?  Dress up!

Bayli had been super stoked about the Raccoon costume, but somehow Chase got a hold of it first.  
I told her that she could be the Unicorn first instead.  She was not cool with that-obviously.

Chase was excited about being a Coon.  
He crawled around the floor and growled and meowed.  
Because... that is what raccoons do???

Then they traded and Bayli FINALLY got to be the coon. 
No more tears!

And Chase was the unicorn, or as he proclaimed, "HORSE!"
Obviously he was even more excited about the horse.  
His face is priceless.

Well, Bayli seeing Chases excitement, wanted the horse back.  Not to mention that mom was right and the raccoon was a wee bit too little.  So the whines began again.  And Chase could care less, he just loved being an animal.

Thank-you Jerri for the costumes!

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