Thursday, April 7, 2011

discriminatory vet

For years, maybe like 3, Bayli has told us that she wants to be a Vet when she grows up.   She is a lover of all animals and insects.  When she plays Barbies with her friends, she is usually all the little animals instead of the Barbies.  Which is nice,  little animals are generally cheaper than a Barbie.  The only Barbie that she has asked for in the last year is Vet Barbie, we have yet to purchase her.  And when she plays house with her friends she is usually the pet cat.  You may recall that she dressed up as a Vet last year in preschool for "When I grow up..." day.

Then last week in school, they had Career Day.  Her visitors were a Police Officer, "a guy that fixed power lines" (a Utility Worker), a Geologist, and a Pet Stylist.  I bet you can't guess what intrigued her the most.  And yes, she was intrigued by the Geologist, but not THE MOST.  That title is given to the wonderful and amazing Pet Stylist.  Seriously?!!!

So our conversation pretty much went like this:

Bayli:  Guess what?!!!  There was a pet stylist and she like washes and cuts dogs hair.  And she even makes them have different colored hair, like blue or PURPLE!  The little white dog that she had had  a blue puff ball tail and ears!  It was sooo cute!  She even has a REALLY big bath to wash them in, but she didn't bring that with her because it is too big.  Isn't that so cool?!!!

Me:  Wow, she does dogs hair?  And she colors their hair too?  That IS so cool!  (I had to work really hard to make myself sound excited.)

Yeah, when I grow up, I want to be a Pet Stylist too!

Wow cool, that will be so fun!  (still trying to show excitement)

That little doggy was sooo cute!

You don't want to be a Vet anymore?

No, they have to help babies come out of their mom's butts, that is disgusting!

(now trying to contain laughter)  Oh...

Well, I guess I could still be a Vet and a Pet Stylist.  But, when someone brings their pet in to have babies I'll tell them that they have to take it to someone else.


  1. Congrats on running the redrock! I can not wait to hear about it and see lots of pictures (or perhaps, we will come and cheer you on)

  2. Oh my, butterflies just entered with complete system overload (for the millionth time)! It is going to be crazy fun. I have a great group of friends on my team. I heard you were doing another relay too, is that right?
    You can totally come cheer us on. Maybe you can take a backup position in case we have anyone opt out :)
    I always hated running, but I am beginning to love it, even with all the injuries I have already accrued over the last few months of training.


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