Monday, August 8, 2011

pure genius

Finally something that us moms can relate to!

My sister in law is an amazing person with words.  She is quite like my husband (I know Kate I am digging for a comparison-but it is the truth) in that, she has that special spark in her brain that enables her to come up with a response instantaneously.  Unlike those, who can relate with me, who come out of a situation empty handed and feel as though you were the lesser half of a conversation.  And then, your brain makes you feel worse because your pilot light doesn't go off until hours/days later when you finally realize what you should have said and then you run the conversation back through and you are amazed with yourself and wish that you had thought of it earlier.  Anyways, she is that kind of person, a gifted pilot light.  Not to mention, she is quite funny.  So all around, a complete catch, my brother is lucky to have a BETTER half.

Back to the message behind this post.  My sister in law has a gift for words.  She should seriously think of writing a parenting book, because people would buy it.  She brings a reality to parenting  and makes you realize all of the difficulties and loveliness that it entails. 

Check out her last post on her blog, HILARIOUS!!!  You will become addicted, as I have, to Kate  (I hope that I didn't just creep anyone out).

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