Friday, August 19, 2011


You know that outfit that your kid wears that you love and hate all in the same moment?  
It is cute but non-functional.  
The straps always seem to slide off their shoulders.  
They kneel in just the right spot, pulling down the front, all while trying to stand up.  
A series of events that indefinitely leads to anger, frustration, and a near miss face plant. 
And always in this love/hate attire
a tag seems to peak out
drawing you closer to HATE.  
Through the day you battle with the outfit, constantly telling yourself, 
"why did I put this on?"

Then when you are nearly ready to give up,
strip it off, 
and make life easier, 
you read the tag.
You feel your frustration melt away.
And you go about the remainder of the evening
trying to catch a glimpse of that little
sweet in all its happiness. 

A little reminder 
that its the sweet things in life 
that make all of this worth it.

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