Tuesday, October 18, 2011

ninja baby

Since she was pretty little (about the time when she first started waving like a mad man)
a few of our neighbor kids started calling her Ninja Baby.  Her title has since spread.

We didn't know until now just how fitting that title was.  She still has her karate chop wave but in addition to that she is super fast.  Seriously, we will think we are in the okay when we enter a room, no Lily in sight.  We freely walk in, feeling at ease.  In a matter of seconds, we are no longer alone, gibberish blasting from a completely different corner in the room.  She must have super keen hearing to know where we are at.  Also, those little legs can move!  I swear she is the secret weapon on Fighting Tiger Hidden Dragon,  that girl can fly.  And she is super cute ta-boot!!!

Ninja Lily from Lisa Atherley on Vimeo.

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  1. Cute!!!

    (This is Stacy. It won't let me post on your blog. It says I don't have access)


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