Tuesday, October 25, 2011

three little birds (part 3 of 4)

I may never say this again in my life, but thank-you Martha Stewart!
I found Lily's cute little bluebird costume online.  It was part of Martha's Halloween costume segment.

I printed off the pattern and had Jed blow it up at his office.
Let me just say that the instructions were not user friendly.
I pretty much had to look at the pictures to figure things out, and I didn't like how they suggested fastening them together.

We headed to Hobby Lobby for felt and a feather boa  (my own addition to the pattern.  I didn't like the straight plain tail and beanie look).

I again had my mom crochet a hat, which was much cuter than the plain beanie that was suggested.

The best thing about my modifications (besides the cute fluff)  is that everything is removable.
Because come on, she is one.
And honestly what one year old is going to sit still and keep their tail feathers and wings from getting ruffled?

She is the cutest little bluebird ever!

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