Wednesday, October 26, 2011

three little birds (part 4 of 4)

I had such a fun time creating my little birds. 
I knew that I wanted to make the memory even more special. 

So I videoed each little bird. 
Underwent some seriously painful editing. 
And set it to my favorite version of Bob Marley's song "Three Little Birds" (sung by Renee & Jeremy). 

I love you my little birds. 
May you always have wings to help you fly. 

Love, Momma

three little birds from Lisa Atherley on Vimeo.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

three little birds (part 3 of 4)

I may never say this again in my life, but thank-you Martha Stewart!
I found Lily's cute little bluebird costume online.  It was part of Martha's Halloween costume segment.

I printed off the pattern and had Jed blow it up at his office.
Let me just say that the instructions were not user friendly.
I pretty much had to look at the pictures to figure things out, and I didn't like how they suggested fastening them together.

We headed to Hobby Lobby for felt and a feather boa  (my own addition to the pattern.  I didn't like the straight plain tail and beanie look).

I again had my mom crochet a hat, which was much cuter than the plain beanie that was suggested.

The best thing about my modifications (besides the cute fluff)  is that everything is removable.
Because come on, she is one.
And honestly what one year old is going to sit still and keep their tail feathers and wings from getting ruffled?

She is the cutest little bluebird ever!

Monday, October 24, 2011

three little birds (part 2 of 4)

In our quest for the perfect boy bird costume, we faced a lot of struggles.
Most of the ideas that I found online were chickens, cardinals, crows, etc.
Fluffy lameness for a rambunctious little guy.

And then it hit me.  Swoop!!!  Anyone that truly knows us, knows that we are die hard Ute fans.
What better way to express our love for our Utes than to dress up our little guy as Swoop, the Red-tailed Hawk?

I became the most excited about his costume the second that I thought of it.
We already had a Utes basketball jersey, all I needed was some Under Armour, a tail, wings, and a head dress.

Thanks to Hobby Lobby for all of our crafting desires!!!
And another big thanks to Grandma Carol for crocheting a hat and a pair of big eyes. 

His beak didn't quite turn out how I had imagined it.  I pretty much settled because I was sick of messing with it.

But overall I am happy with the results.

I love my little Swoop/Red-tailed Hawk!!!
His look pretty much says how he felt about getting his picture taken, at least initially.
He quickly changed his feelings about the situation.  "Mommy I wike beind a bowdie!!!"

He had to keep checking his tail.

And his wings.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

three little birds (part 1 of 4)

We have had so much fun getting ready for Halloween this year.

Bayli decided that she wanted to be a bird family, clever girl.
She probably had some insight because I am always calling them my little birds.
That, and, she is obsessed with birds.

She decided right away that she wanted to be a Peacock.

It was a fun little project.
Thanks to Grandma Carol (and her neighbor) for rounding us up some feathers.
Seriously people want gold for those things!

I think that she is the most darling Peacock out there!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

ninja baby

Since she was pretty little (about the time when she first started waving like a mad man)
a few of our neighbor kids started calling her Ninja Baby.  Her title has since spread.

We didn't know until now just how fitting that title was.  She still has her karate chop wave but in addition to that she is super fast.  Seriously, we will think we are in the okay when we enter a room, no Lily in sight.  We freely walk in, feeling at ease.  In a matter of seconds, we are no longer alone, gibberish blasting from a completely different corner in the room.  She must have super keen hearing to know where we are at.  Also, those little legs can move!  I swear she is the secret weapon on Fighting Tiger Hidden Dragon,  that girl can fly.  And she is super cute ta-boot!!!

Ninja Lily from Lisa Atherley on Vimeo.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

bubbles and stuff

October? Really, October?  Where did September go?  My favorite season is here, but really October already?!!!
In September mom's head was filled with race fever.  Bayli quickly reminded me that my place was here and that one weekend away couldn't change that.

 She had too much back to school fun to pause life.  And back to school fun means that mom has to get out the camera because Bayli likes everything documented in photo form.  Can you blame her, she is so photogenic.
Crazy hair day, she was going for the mouse ears look.

Crazy socks day, one of her favorites.
Of course she had to pose a bit, never misses a photo opportunity.  And yes she wears skirts/dresses every day to school. I think that she has only worn pants once (not counting leggings).  Not to mention,  scarves get played into the mix pretty  regularly.  Such a girl.

With her day filled with school, Bayli makes sure that her mornings and evenings are full of fun family time.
Mornings consist of cartoons with Chase until it is time to get ready for the day.  And after school, she is either swimming or playing with Chase and Lily.  She is turning into a wonderful swimmer, with hopes of joining the swim team in the near future.
"Mom, I only want to swim and bike race.  Oh, and show Chase and Lily how to blow bubbles."  She is a pretty talented little gal.  If only mom and dad would jump onto the BMX  train and take their little gal to the arena, she has only been asking for over a year now...

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