Saturday, October 3, 2009

century woman

Tilla Ruen Dixon, my sweet grandma, turns 100 on October 7th. in honor of this century old woman, we had a party. a BIG party. we celebrated with lots of wonderful family and yummy food at my aunt gloria's (an expert party thrower). we had a great time mingling with relatives that we hadn't seen in a very long time, some i had never met (or at least i don't remember).

Grandma was born October 7, 1909. she is the most amazing woman in my life, trully an inspiration. who wouldn't be if they lived through two world wars, the depression, was widowed at the age of 38, and raised 8 children on their own?
she is a very healthy woman. she has never been hospitalized. if you ask her the key to long life, she will gladly reply, CHOCOLATE. oh, and she's been known to add in keeping active, eating well, and no husband. but mostly chocolate.

i love this woman. i love that she taught her family the meaning of hard work. i love that she loves to sing, even if she is a little off key (i am sure that is where i got it). i love that she lives for her family. i love that she taught me the meaning of being a good hostess, sunday dinners were always a delight. i love that she taught me the joy of gardening and delighting in mint tea. i love that she always gives from the heart and she would give the clothes off her back to anyone. i still delight in the very fond memories of the christmas gifts we were given. every dixon grandchild can testify that grandma's gifts are the best, and funniest. my favorite was an african american doll with the box labeled "just like me." i am not racist, but it was funny. i love that she is always smiling. i love her warm blue eyes, and the "hand" made telescope that she makes to see better. i love that she smiles, when we know for a fact that she didn't hear a word we said. i love her talent for quilting, and the beautiful work that she has given me. most of all, i love the family that she raised. we are in debt to her and her good ways.

my sweet grandma with one of her best pieces of artwork. yes, that is a selfmade family portrait. each member is uniquely made, and i must say, she got it down to the detail.

she is so lovely, my inspiration.

grandma with 7 of her 8 children (gloria, john, bill, earl, eugene, myron, donna)

grandma with her oldest son eugene, and his family.

she didn't stop eating her cake and ice cream for anyone's pictures. that's the best part of being 100, you get to do whatever you want.

grandma with her son myron and his family

grandma with her daughter donna and her family

grandma with her son earl and his family

grandma with her son bill and his family

the john dixon family (my family) with grandma.

grandma with her youngest daughter gloria, and her family

blowing out the candles (when you are 100, you get cold very easily, and you don't have to blow out 100 candle)

when you are 100, it is okay to get a little tipsy with your great-granddaughter (notice the already half eaten box of chocolates)

beautiful like her great-grandmother

there is no party without chase getting dirty

bayli loved her great aunt gloria's playhouse and bridge

bayli and her cousin nicole, they are great friends


  1. That is totally AWESOME!! I love the cake eating in all the pictures and then the half eaten box of chocolates!! Hahaha! What a great grandma she must be. Glad you had a great party! -Suzanne

  2. What a lovely person. She is adorable! Your have a couple of great picts too. The one of Baily on the swing should be framed!


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