Thursday, January 28, 2010

the land of nod

chase is a very light sleeper. if we check on him when he is napping, he will wake up. ultimately, chase does not get checked on until we hear screaming or banging on the wall. a very hard thing to do when you want to see him in moments of silence and peace. and even harder when he is sick and you want to be assured he is alive. we undertake loads of finger crossing and silent prayers.

i was lucky a few weeks ago. able to capture the moment. evidence that he truly does sleep.

chase was sick. i was in the cavernous depths of one of my worst days of morning all day sickness.
i wanted to stay in bed. bayli was stationed in front of the television crafting (don't judge).
chase was exhausted but wanted to lie next to me, read, and listen to music. we read for a good 45 minutes. chase trying to fight off head nods and the urge to snuggle into the pillow. i, unwillingly, had to fight as well. "mommy bawk (book)." until the beckonings of sleep were too great. and i watched as my little guy had a few last flickers of his long lashes. i think that it was one of my most memorable moments as a mother. i actually was able to watch him fall asleep.
it was like one of those nature shows, revelations of rare events, months and months of patiently waiting.

it was simply magical.
the event was enhanced with lovely whisperings of Carla Bruni's Quelqu'un M'a Dit playing in the background.
my little guy will probably be swept off his feet by a lovely french girl.

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  1. You should invest in a camera in his room. I have one in both of my kids room and I love it. I love to watch them lay there so quietly. Congrats on the pregnancy, the sickness part sucks though.I hope you feel better soon!


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