Saturday, July 24, 2010

all bellies head to silver lake

My sister and her family are here for a visit. After their straight through drive from Texas, they were up for a picnic in the canyon (I have no idea how they had the energy after that kind of drive).
So that is how we celebrated the 24th of July.
We headed to Silver Lake, along with hundreds of other Utahns. It is such a fast and easy location for little kids and fat ladies like me.
We live in such a versatile and beautiful State.

The unidentified spokes model for Capri Sun. He is so dang cute!

Me and my girls/support team. I am do in like 5 days.

The Group, I have no idea where McKenzi is.

The cutest little hikers. Bayli with her trademark pose, and Chase...being Chase, climbing and running everywhere. They had a wonderful time.

A typical family photo. We enjoy every second together. It just doesn't show when the environment is so exciting and we all try to sit and hold still.
Bayli switches to goof mode and Chase wants to be anywhere but in someone's arms.

Chalese took some belly pics. The lighting was bad so I had to black and white a lot of them.
My belly gets man-handled and kissed by Bayli frequently, almost hourly. She is so excited for her baby sister to come.


  1. Beautiful baby belly pictures! I just love the lower middle picture. I can not believe how big you are. I forget how fast those babies grow. :)

  2. That looks like a lot of fun. Rick didn't tell me about the trip. I'm glad that you all had fun!


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