Friday, July 16, 2010

painted ladies

Last Christmas, Bayli received this cute butterfly cage. She has been driving us crazy for months, awaiting the time when it was safe to order caterpillars. When it was finally warm enough, and we began to see butterflies in our yard, we sent for our order.

She receieved 5 Painted Lady larvae (caterpillars). They came in a jar habitat, complete with food. All she had to do was make sure they were in a safe location and watch them grow. We received updates each morning, so cute.

They are kind of gross. They create a web-like environment and the food that is provided comes out looking the same as it did going in (only in ball form).

Bayli was so excited when they started to enter their pupae stage (chrysalis). We watched as each picked their desired locale and began their transformation.

Bay was pretty nervous as she awaited the day for them to break out and reveal their adult form. She kept saying (with dad's encouragement) "they aren't going to live, they probably all died!"

But, we were pleasantly surprised to see them all unveil themselves as beautiful butterflies. She was a successful butterfly keeper.

We kept them for a few days. Feeding them watermelon, orange slices, and lavender. Then it was time to let them enter the next stage of their short lives. Bitter sweet for Bay.


  1. That would be hard... Letting them go. I am glad she (and you ;) enjoyed the gift. Thank you for sharing the story. I tried to talk to her about birds today but the fishing was way more interesting. Lol

  2. Those butterflies are so pretty. I'm sure it was heartbreaking to let them go.


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