Monday, July 5, 2010

our fun with pops & sparklers

This year for the 4th of July, we were pretty laid back.
No parades, no getaways.
But, we had a fun time as a family.

We barbecued. Then we did some fireworks before heading off to see the big show at the park. The kids were super excited!

Bayli never settled down. She talked about doing fireworks all day long. She pretty much drove us a little crazy with, "is it time to do fireworks yet?"
She was a little nervous when she held a sparkler. But, she overcame her nerves and was a little more daring with them as the night grew.

We wondered what kind of reaction Chase would have. He loved doing pops. Avoided the sparklers, although he did call them pretty. And hovered behind mom during the fountains, all the while shouting "wow." He just didn't like the loud screaming ones. He loved picking one and handing it to dad to light though.

The kids had so much energy/craziness when it was time to head to West Jordan Park. It's holidays like these that I wish we could turn the sun off early. It is awful when the show doesn't start until 10:45. Nearly 30 minutes past the tentative time.
Darn Rodeo! If it weren't for you, things would be a bit easier.

We pretty much got the kids more hopped up on candy while we waited. Thank goodness we had brought extra sparklers to keep them a little more entertained.
They loved watching the show though. Chase yelled "wow" and made his banging noises all while clapping through the show. He was pretty interruptive for those around us, we didn't mind. Halfway through Bayli was ready to go home. No way girl, you are going to watch these fireworks and enjoy them!!! Her little body does not do well with staying up late. She was a trooper and toughed it out.

They both fell asleep on the ride home.

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