Wednesday, August 4, 2010

binky bandit

Trouble seems to have a name, Chase.
He is finding ways to increase is already bad record.

I was in the family room cleaning and I could here giggles through the baby monitor.
I found Chase making himself cozy in the cradle and sampling Lily's binky.

Thank goodness we anticipated his naughtiness and baby is always with mom or dad or behind a locked door.

He has since found that when Lily is eating, it is the perfect opportunity to find trouble.

A few of these opportunities have included:
decorating the bathroom and himself with an entire jar of vaseline, climbing on the counters to get to the cookies, climbing on the bar to sample the soap (although he did call it lotion), attempting to fill his own water mug-multiple times, redecorating all of the freshly made beds, and scattering the freshly done laundry.

We are thinking of tying him on a leash to prevent any further destruction to our home.
Although, he would find a way out of that within a matter of seconds.


  1. Oh good luck Lisa! I had trouble when number two came along - I don't even want to think about what goes on when number three makes their appearance. :) What if you used a leash AND a muzzle? Ha!

    I had to comment because we have the same cradle as you! It looks identical. Ours is thirty years old or so - my mom saved my cradle all those years and now I use it for my boys.

    Your Lily is so sweet! Have fun snuggling with her.

  2. They say that we'll miss these days. It's funny that you mention the leash. This morning As I watched Alex calmly climb over my couch to get into my gated off kitchen, I was thinking the same thing.


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