Friday, March 11, 2011


*Warning this post contains too much information about going potty.*

To go from this  in less than a weeks time? No, seriously?
Yes, seriously!

Coincidentally the day that I posted about Chase being testy with potty training, Jed brought a book home.  (Big shout out to the Haight's! Thanks!!!)
It was a 1970's dream.
We speed read the book and got the gist of the concept and theory and planned to attack the following week. We planned on Jed being the main teacher, Chase responds a little bit better to new things when dad is involved.

Saturday night we decided to make our attack for Sunday morning, being that Jed and the kids were sick and would be home all day.  So I raced to Target to stock up on drinks, snacks, and a dolly that pees.  Seriously, do they not make the cheap dolly that you give water to and it comes out the bottom?  Instead we were confronted with an array of very expensive and technical dolls that I was not going to purchase.
The book basically has you teach your kid to be responsible for their pottying needs from the get go.  From hurry and run to the potty to dumping the potty by yourself.  You first have them teach their doll how to go potty. Chase loved helping our doll to pee.  Since we didn't have the dolly that pees, Jed sneakily got a bath toy that squirts water and helped the dolly do its business.

You teach your kiddo to check themselves and their dolly very often to see if they are dry or wet.  Then, the dolly gets wet and you have to make the dolly practice 10 times (run fast from various spots in the house to the potty and practice getting your underwear down fast).
Chase did not like that the dolly was naughty and wet.  "Dawee noddee! Dawee go podee in pats!"
Chase hated to practice when he himself was naughty and wet.

But after only about 4 hours, he was taking the initiative and getting to the potty in time.  He even took his nap in undies (with lovely plastic bloomers over the top-we aren't that crazy).  And when he woke up, he went to the bathroom by himself-so proud.
The following day, he pooped by himself and had only one accident and practice session.  Such a big guy!!!

Who would have thought that we would ever be able to potty train Chase before he was three.  And in pretty much half a day.  We probably would have been able to a couple of months ago even.  We just needed a program that was geared towards him and his independence.

We are so proud of you Chase and your big-boy-ness!!!


  1. Good job Chase! (I wish I had thought to get a book for that.)

  2. Yay Chase! I've potty trained 4 kids with that book (3 of mine and a nephew). I'm glad you liked it and more importantly.. that it worked! Good job! I'm still not looking forward to potty training Chloe.

  3. Hurray for big boy pants. I used that book with Erika and Nicole. My misadventures with Austin have made me nervous about Alex. Thankfully, we're no where near that yet.


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