Wednesday, March 2, 2011

illness equates to...

falling asleep in your highchair

band-aids on "owee" ears

We are so sick of ill babies!  This has been the roughest go so far.  It kind of made me rethink my "I don't want to get my kids flu shots" dilemma.  Not that we had any confirmed diagnosis of said flu.  But all the symptoms point in that direction, topped off with ear infections.

Most of all I am sick of stuck in doors during nice weather watching too much TV and Carsness!  I thought that we were done watching that darn movie when Bayli FINALLY grew out of it.  It was her pick on movie days EVERY time for months and months.  Now Chase has claimed it as his FAVE.  And when you don't want him screaming for fear that he might start a vomit inducing cough fit, you give in and let him watch it every day, sometimes twice a day. 

At least he has a shut down mode right now, that being his fever induced delirium.  Not really delirium, more like meditation with your eyes open, all keen senses turned off, leading to slow responses.  I guess that temps of 104 are kind of a blessing. (I was being sarcastic, don't think of me as someone who prays that her little guy will get horrible fevers that make you wonder if a seizure is going to be induced.)

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