Tuesday, March 29, 2011

we got the fever

That is spring fever!

The weather has been typical for Utah this time of year.  Filled with "oh boys" and "oh dangs."
Snowy and chilly one day followed closely by sunny and warm the next.  Or even crazier, both in the same day.

The crowd in our home favors the outdoors.  So when it warms up and becomes inviting outside, there is nowhere that we would rather be.

This year, our excursions into the backyard have been met with grins from ear to ear.  For one, mom is glad to not have to bundle up the kiddos and is more than willing to let them spend the majority of their day outside getting into trouble rather than inside.

Lily discovered grass.  Yep, she pretty much loves everything about it.

Chase rekindled his affection for, what else, DIRT!

Bayli got her swing on, or rather, spin.

Oh, and Lily discovered that swinging is fantabulous,  a true giggle inducer.

 Don't you just love the drama that plays out in our backyard?

When the swing would stop, Lily's little propellers kicked into motion.

I think that she is just about the cutest/funniest little package ever.

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