Sunday, May 23, 2010

preschool wrap-up

The week before Bayli was supposed to finish preschool, her class had 'When I Grow Up...' Day.
If you haven't talked with her about animals, you wouldn't know that she is " animal expert. I know all things about all animals!" So she decided that she wanted to dress up as a Vet. We were only slightly surprised that she didn't pick a dancer, ballerina, fashion designer, mommy, or all of the other obvious girly titles (which she loves as well).
So we went to work putting together our best Vet costume. She was filled with glee.
Her preschool put on a Graduation program at the Magnolia Reception Center. It was nice, BUT, they needed a stage so that we could actually see her in the densely packed room. At least the singing of a bunch of 4/5 year olds was cute.
After the kids sang, they were given graduation caps (so cute! made with rainbow crayon paper). Then each child got to speak into the microphone and say what they wanted to be when they grow up. It was funny to hear a large number of the little boys say " worker." We definitely need some of those, but I am betting they will change their minds when they get a little older.
Then the class of 2010 was presented.
I love fast 30 minute programs!!!

the super excited Graduate (that would only smile if she said "dad stinks!")

Bayli & her wonderful teacher Miss Michelle

Bayli & her very proud Grandmas

Bayli & her very proud daddy

Bayli & her very proud mommy


  1. Good job Baily! Aunt Angie is proud of you too! Oh, and when our pet rat, Mimi, gets sick can we bring her over for you to look at?


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