Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Jed's company was able to donate their talents and time to the building of a home for Extreme Makeover Home Edition.  We were able to visit the site as VIP guests.  We knew that Chase would be the most excited about the "extreme" building that was going on.  It was a construction site/carnival gone mad.  Bayli was more excited about the VIP tent with its free food and the special "tag" that she got to wear.

You can ask Jed his feelings about the experience if you really want to know.  Let's just say that he and "the talent" (aka Ty Pennington and his co-hosts)  would never get along.  Oh, and he thinks that ABC is kind of lame as well.

Dad and his boy taking in the beautiful views of a construction site.

We've never seen him so quiet when there is any type of big rig around.

He was in complete awe.

Bayli was content to eat the free food.  It was like being poked with a pin to have her picture taken.

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