Wednesday, June 8, 2011

flat mates

A few weeks ago we finally got tired of Lily being our roomy.  Ten months of tiptoeing around was WAY too long.  We moved her bed into Bay's room.  Can we say, wall to wall furniture?

Bayli loves talking to her in the morning when they wake up. Lily loves watching big sister play about the room with her polly pockets and pets.  Since she has too much of a love for placing EVERYTHING in her mouth, Lily doesn't get free reign in the room.  So instead, her playroom is Chase's bedroom.

Bayli is so cute with her little sister.  The other day, after Lily woke up from her nap, I was busy in the kitchen.   I asked Bayli to go in and play with her until I could come get her out of the crib.  Bayli kept coming out and saying, "mom, come and get Lily out."  My response, in a minute.  Really, it was nice having Lily detained and entertained so I could get a few things done.  After the third time that Bayli came and asked me to get Lily, I finally gave in.
To my surprise, I found a little princess full of smiles.  Cute Bayli had been playing dress up with Lil's.

In her most cooing tone Bayli said, "isn't she sooo cute?!!!"  Then she proceeded to tell me how hard it was to dress her (ya I know, I do it like 6 times a day!) and how she had to "kind of climb in the crib" to get the job done (I am sure that Lily loved that part).

After I took Lily out of the crib, Bayli insisted that they have a fashion show in the family room.  How could I refuse my two little princesses?

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  1. Aww! What a couple of cutiees! Love them! You can see that they just adore each other in your photos.


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