Thursday, June 23, 2011

it's official

we have ourselves a rooster
and he's a crowing
well, sort of
more like screeching or dieing

pretty much at that awkward age
you know, with the voice changes and all
that is what he sounds like
so imagine a young man, going through puberty
speaking or better yet singing
and yeah, that is what he sounds like
only he speaks chicken

jed's impression is spot on
just ask him to speak rooster
then you can get a better idea

i kind of compare it to a beagle
or a dog that has had it's bark removed

we will take a barking chicken
we are in the business of competing with all of the obnoxious neighbor dogs anyways

1 comment:

  1. We moved from a neighborhood with crowing roosters, to a neighborhood with barking dogs. I've really been pondering which is more annoying. Right now I'd have to say the dogs, because that is what I hear.

    (This is Stacy)


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