Thursday, March 8, 2012

color, color, cut, cut

Well, it appears that Bayli's "craftiness"  has rubbed off onto her siblings.

Chase loves to color.  But, it has to be on colored paper.  We bought a large pack of colored paper for them at Christmas time.  Chase has taken full advantage of having colored paper within his reach.
Although he loves to color, what this little guy truly loves is cutting.  And seriously, one sheet of paper can go a VERY long way when he is done with it.  Pretty much he is the human paper shredder, I think he got his influence from this.  He could sit and cut for hours.

Lily has recently realized that she does not want to be left out of craft hour(s).  She points to the counter and proclaims "cu cu."  Which took us a while to realize that she was saying color and not cracker (ca cu).  Embarrassing to say that we still get mixed up a bit. 
 She is frequently found walking around with a book in one hand and something that looks like a writing utensil in the other (tinker toy, spatula, mixer, etc). 

Since we finally realized that she wants to color, we have since decided that we despise her coloring.  Not the art that she creates, but the naughty messes that she is so driven to make.  Peeling crayons, throwing crayons, breaking crayons, pulling the lead out of twist-able crayons, breaking the twist-able crayons, and our favorite eating crayons. 

 She very much loves to sit at the counter and very sneakily one by one release the crayons to the wild (the floor).  This behavior is quickly followed by tears from being told no and her muppet face (our favorite face that we have yet to capture).  Then we remove her from the bar-stool, hand her the bag of crayons, and instruct her to clean up the mess.  Which she does very well.  After pleading with puppy eyes to color some more, we give in and set her back up on the bar-stool to repeat the process until we are finally sick of letting her make a mess.  

We sure love our two little imps.  Even though one can make a mess with anything she comes into contact with and the other puts Edward Scissor Hands to shame. 

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