Tuesday, January 12, 2010

craft extravaganza

this is pretty much what our table looks like every day.
that's right, we have a crafter on our hands.

she doesn't start inquiries with "mom, can i color" or "mom, can i cut and glue something."

no, she proclaims, "mom i want to craft!!!"

so out come her supplies of glue, paper, tape, stickers, utensils, scissors, copy of oriental trading magazine ("it's where i get my ideas"), etc.
we're in for a big mess and a very happy girl.

the results are wonderfully handcrafted gifts for everyone she knows, including the neighbors cat.


  1. She has brought some of her creations to our house. She is very good and very creative! I smell a future scrap booker in the future! -Suzanne

  2. I fear for the boreal forest and all its animals. LOL!
    Too cute!

  3. Excellent...maybe she can give me lessons! I'm the least crafty person I know.


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